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Congratulations to the Black Bears and Lady Bears - District Champions!

Criminal Stats for 2017

Rape- 3
Arson- 1
Sex Offenses- 1
Breaking and Entering- 5
Burglary- 14
Robbery- 1
Assault- 13
Larceny/ Embezzlement- 26
Vandalism- 9
Motor Vehicle Theft- 7
Drug Possession- 39
DUI and Public Intox- 100
Driving Under Suspension- 7
Domestic Assault and Battery- 9
Warrant Arrests- 42
Unattended Deaths- 1
Mental Health / EOD- 7
Non categorized reports- 57
Motor Vehicle Accidents- 32
Animal Control/ Dog Bites- 4
Search Warrants- 8

Total Case Load for 2017= 386

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PAWNEE COUNTY PHONE SCAM: The Pawnee County Sheriff is warning citizens about a scammer who’s calling residents posing as a sergeant and asking for money. Sheriff Mike Waters said his office has gotten about a dozen reports of the phony calls. Waters said the caller claims he is Sgt. Steve Davis with the Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office “warrant division.” Waters said the man calls the residents by name, tells them have warrants out for their arrest and says they owe money. In one case the scammer asked for $2,995. The sheriff said his office doesn’t have any employee named Steve Davis and doesn’t have a division specifically for warrants. Sheriff Waters said the sheriff’s office will never call citizens to alert them of an arrest warrant. He said deputies do that in person. Waters said when he called the scammer’s number the voicemail stated the phone belonged to “Sgt. Steve Davis with the Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office warrant division.” I was on the phone with Sheriff Waters when the scammer returned the sheriff’s call. Waters said the man told him he worked for the sheriff’s office and claimed deputies were headed to his house to arrest him because he hadn’t paid court fees. Waters said the man hung up on him when he asked the man when and where he should have paid the “fee.” Waters said if anyone receives a call from the scammer, they should hang up and report it to the sheriff’s office. He also asks anyone with information about the scammer to call his office (918)762-2565. KOTV - News On 6